She's a sweet little girl
She's God's little delight
She's a wonder to the world
And someday she'll have a beautiful life
She bounces and jumps around
Like a rubble ball
She rolls around all over the ground
And in the sand she loves to crawl
She's fatherless and she lone to
See her father
Sometimes she's sadden by this
Then she goes on and laugh and play
But she pray to God
That she'll see him someday
Then she bounce and jump
And go on her merry little way
You see, BreAnna
Remind me of myself
When I was a little girl
I wanted to see my father
I didn't know where he was
I thought my biological
Didn't want to be bothered
I prayed that I would see him someday
Then I jumped and played
And went on my merry old way
Then one day, my father came
BreAnna, you're a special child
Your father will come for you in a while
Just keep on praying
And God will send him your way
This poem is from Auntie Angie to you
To say that you're special
And that you're somebody
This is to say that I love you

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