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Breath Of The Heart

He found her he touched her
Caressed her he loved her
This creature that came to his eyes,
Never before had he ever adored
Such a creature this woman in life

The fire flies the moon light
He falls deep in her eyes
He seals his love with a kiss,
Now he understands what is that of man
As he embraces his moment like this

Stars shine down
From the night so bright
Emotions the passion as he holds her tight,
The earth falls away as time slips away
He'll remember this night for the rest of his life

Emotions desires
The passions of fire
Of a heart that burns for love,
He is now seeing for the first time believing
What he's always known little of

The fire of the heart
He feels every part
As he feels the beat of her heart,
Their moment like this they both seal with a kiss
As so is the breath of the heart.

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