Some decisions to make,
Become easier made than others these days.

Choose to live your life.
Headache free.
Although it may seem impossible.
To do this done,
Offers incredible possibilities.
Seen to accept and believe.
Choose happiness.
Your own.
Over escalating aggravation.
With an appreciation.
To confess you have been blessed.
And let alone to leave and condone,
What is not yours to change.
Take that pressure off your mind.
And worries of others.
Removed from thoughts,
Staying to occupy to remain in your brain.
Turn away.
Do not consider responding,
To an R.S.V.P.
Take a quick step and move.
With a sigh of relief.
And breathe.

Do not get involved.
In problems not yours to solve.
Or with a negativity left.
Never yours to create nor to keep.
From anyone seeking your empathy.
And do not offer one of your shoulders.
To folks who wish to weep and woe.
Knowing them not to be around,
Whenever you are needing...
Some concern from them to show.
Let folks like that go.
Done to do deeply.
Breathe and be free.
From any guilt to feel.
Or have it felt what another does,
Is your responsibility.
Belongs to you to do and correct.
As you are left by yourself.
By another who could care less.
Done to do deeply.
And leave folks to say whatever they will.
With a keeping their own aggravations.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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