Soul rises and awakens
From the corners of my being
Quivering lips; I kiss you and sounds
Of hearts play a song of ancient depths.
Feeling the orb of our souls joined
Encasing this flesh we have left,
Purified this moment.
I feel the tingle in my veins, to my fingers.
My breath in you….

I find my soul outside myself in the air, you breathe me in.
My essence cradles you, we bathe in this lucent cloud.
And you caress without even a touch.
I know nothing and speak only the mystic meanings of the heart.
On this journey, I see with utter clearness.
Innocent light leads my way.
I shutter as I hear the world call,
This infinite moment ends.
My heart still sings.
And I know the place and the air that is you.
I still breathe…..

by Russ von Ohlhausen

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