Breathing In Love

I notice the flowers by the roadside
Which I used to ignore before,
Thin blue skies and floating wool-like clouds
And green leaves dancing in rain shrouds.

With a vacant mind I observe
bright colourful flowers
Barefoot I digest the crisp of leaves
crumbling in the garden.

Usually I smile for no reason, taste the rain and shiver
Now my soul floats like a bamboo in the river
Happy the current might carry me somewhere
Scared I used to be, in love now I can dare.

Songs often play in my mind
While back and forth with thoughts I wind.
At night by my window, I smile at the moon
In love, I feel my heart pounding in tune.

Sugar tastes sweeter these days
I used to live before, now alive in glorious ways
My body is now in tune with my spirit
Love flow in my veins – head to feet.

by Rohitash Chandra

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I love it, very well written.