Everytime i'm in a crowd i see you,
your like a candle in the dark, lighting up my way and leaving me Breathless

Everytime i fall asleep i see your face in my dreams,
so perfect in every possible way and when you smile at me you leave me Breathless

Everytime i feel sad you put on your clown face and when you stand there looking so foolish, making me laugh, you leave me Breathless

Everytime i see you dancing choosing your steps so perfectly,
the light falls on your face leaving me Breathless

Everytime you hold my hand and fall asleep next to me, I feel asif my every prayer has been answered and once again im left Breathless

......and Everytime you hold me in your arms I'm left Motionless
and Everytime you tell me you love me I'm left Speechless
and Everytime you kiss me I'm left Breathless

by Carike Klokow

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