Breathless Beauty

Is it possible we will witness to see,
People taking responsibility...
For the living of their own lives?
And with undenied accountability?
To have this realized,
As a phase of life that comes with age?

Or are we going to be faced...
With any and every excuse someone makes,
To escape from what it takes to mature and bloom?
And become obsessed with withered Roses...
To then accept this as breathless beauty.

'I saw this limp and withered Rose today,
Bending over as if to protect itself from full bloom.
Remarkable the strength it showed,
In its attempt to remain youthful.'

~I see that kind of denial expressed on a daily basis.
And finding that to be breathless beauty,
I don't accept at all.~

'That's because you've grown too old to understand,
The benefits of keeping a breathless beauty.'

~Or that analogy.~

'Huh? '

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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