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Breathstealer; The Shade
DK (honestly why would i tell you? / does it matter?)

Breathstealer; The Shade

Walking on night walking on air
stalking the moon and sailing through windows
weightless yet fair floating death without a care
having no compassion no empathy not a soul would dare
to defy the quick formless death...not a soul...
no medicine, no kind word, no comfort may console
one who has been claimed by the dark
one who bears his mark
to he i prophecy doom
he kisses ears with angelic voice, yet demonic...
the body dead not by choice that once ate those words... just a clump
no memories no soul all these rag dolls thrown asunder
the greatest murderer, stealer of souls invading each room
each kill breeds bloodlust the smell of death, thrill of the hunt
his job is done,
flawless, as he steals breath and soul
flawless, as he kills, all planned out, like a movie stunt
so horrid...there is no way, it cannot be real! no one taken whole
this creature, this shadow, this phantom, has come to claim another soul
this shade, at a car crash, the innocent unsuspecting. creature wanting to kill
wanting to spill fresh blood and steal more life bathing in the blood spill
flawless again as he danced on air whispering a curse,
in the broken window he groped closer darkness incarnate
darkness come to claim this one girl
she sat there and read a book
he gave her one look and just then and there the room froze
this phantom evil soldier crept ever closer, the girl now frantic closed eyes
looked down and.... a strange light began to appear and set was the stage
and suddenly a bright light and righteous rage it burned into the darkness
fleeing away, but not so quick not beaten
pooling all his strength the breathstealer took a stab, the white figure...
a strange substance dripping out, grimacing and grunting in pain he then
did raise his mighty sword and let it down with shout
this shade was no more defeated by an innocent girl, but it was time
for her, light incarnate moving forward.... sublime
the figure this angel this warrior this savior held out his hand
and the girl took it as they floated up together to go to His land

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Roald Dahl


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