Why do I applaud them,
With enthusiasm in my standing ovation?
Did you just see that?
Their performance given...
Was absolutely brilliant.
The execution of presentation...
Close to flawless.

The diction?
Eye contact?
And conviction with elecution?
Lifted me right out of my seat!

I have not witnessed such commitment,
To a staged production like this...
Since my parents tried to convince me,
Santa Claus was alive and well!
And that was after I saw them...
Wrapping up our Christmas gifts,
When my sister Mimmie and I were kids!

I felt compelled to applaud that!
It was the most remarkable piece of nonsense...
That came completely devoid of substance!
It was magical.

And for that...
I imagine,
Is one of the reasons...
All who stand are totally stunned.
We are shocked they pulled off this BS,
Without a single trace of reality.
None associated to depicting a way of life we now live.
Even though they want us to accept,
What they have delivered is a way of life that reflects.

That alone...
Is breathtaking!
And that was done with flag waving,
Ballons dropping.
Fireworks and a singing chorus.
Do you have any tissue?
I must dry my eyes!
That was marvelous.
One for the archives.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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