Being lost not knowing where to go.
I met three fellows and asked them so.
Can you put me on the right track please.
I`m seeking a town by the name of Breeze.

They were sitting by the roadside edge.
Having an encounter over some broken pledge
Though loud in discussing what`s right or wrong.
I thought at times they would break into song.

Introducing themselves and shaking my hand.
Sure it`s grand to see someone new in this land.
My name is Wally the eldest one said.
And these are my friends Charlie and Fred.

You seem kind of tired Charlie expressed.
In this warm weather you`re a bit overdressed.
Take off you`re jacket, sit and have a brew.
I`m sure everything here is quiet new to you.

Doing as was asked I sat down with the three.
I removed my old jacket and accepted their tea.
Feeling quiet accepted by thier friendly embrace.
I felt right at ease with a grin on my face.

We sat and we talked for an hour or so.
But it was getting late and I had to go.
So again I enquired about the town I did seek.
Fred looked worried as he started to speak.

My dear friend I`m afraid to say.
We like you have lost our way.
Our only hope is that someone will show.
That can take us to where we want to go.

So you might as well join us in our quest
To find our town and then we`ll be blest
But until that day comes patience is a must
I`m here two years and I`ve never lost trust.


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I like it. I mean it.