AL (november 7,1957 / dapitan city)

Breezing Finale...

make all the star bright and rainbow all the mountain with
good tiding and the flying bird stoppage the wind in the
sky with to much light; certainly death echo in the deepest
flow of the heart, my dear sweet goodbye, hello …

take off perfect head the righteous step has to go, while
touches the flame of hell; red light room close my naked
eyes, and the skin gear for hidden emotion exploded, behold
the ecstasy of moment, splendid smell of perfume teaches to
begin and offer, fine ….

crazy I me not, for the given time leads that day to see the
happiness of what is wonderful looks in your eyes of today,
something that brings no doubt of the mind that you’re the
one, who gives my own to surrender all that I have, oh! …..

whole heartedly, follow the sway of the leaf and obey the
waiting wind, as it goes to the crushing stream of passionate
memories, mixed amongst the fog of the silent forest call,
wait …

swear to me, as I go waiting to save my waiting breeze ….

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