Breezy Warrnambool In South West Victoria

The Premier City in Victoria's south west
For it's hospitable people to none second best
Even in the warmest of Summer the sea breeze keeps the air reasonably cool
The coastal rural City of great beauty breezy old Warrnambool
Why so many people like to holiday in Warrnambool is not any surprise
After spending some time there one comes to realize
Why Warrnambool is loved by so many and has become widely known
In reality it does have a charm of it's own
Where people greet every visitor as a loved local face
It's friendly residents make Warrnambool a very welcoming place
Scenic places such as Park Lake Pertobe, Thunder Point, The Breakwater and Lady Bay
Make Warrnambool quite unique in it's own way
Breezy Warrnambool in south west Victoria's coastal countryside
For it's hospitable people and scenic beauty it is known Worldwide.

by Francis Duggan

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