Brendan Kiely

Brendan Kiely was born and raised in the Town of Millstreet and near the Town of Millstreet Brendan died
Where he had lived with his wife and family one well liked and known far from his Hometown and countryside
One well known in Duhallow sporting circles in his younger years he played gaelic football
He won many friends in his role as a school-teacher and he left good memories of him to recall

He was not old near the three score and ten years though his physical prime one might say was long gone
But with death everyone must keep their appointment and good memories of him surely will live on
In all of those lucky enough to have known him in Millstreet his was a familiar face
The old Town for his passing will be poorer since none quite like him for to take his place

I recall Brendan as a young and a fit person though that is going back many a yesterday
On looking back the Seasons go so quickly and time as ever ticks and ticks away
In time the longest human life is not a long span and on how long we live we do not have a say
In St Mary's among the dead of Millstreet the last remains of Brendan Kiely lay

Grieved by his family and by people all around Duhallow where he made many friends over the years
There was so much to like in Brendan Kiely he was a man worthy of parting tears
In Millstreet he will always be remembered as he left us with good memories of him to recall
But only Nature does live on forever there is a last night and day
for us all.

by Francis Duggan

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