Brevity And Gravity

Sometimes I look at people and wonder,
Not what they are thinking, but if they are thinking.
Woman on the train, are you remembering?
Man on the street, do you reminisce?
Child on the bus, are you imagining?
Or do your eyes rest placidly,
And you look to space for only a vacuum?
Do you look at nothing to see only nothing?

by Benjamin Feliciano

Comments (3)

You're experiencing subjective reality. Although it makes a great poem you should not worry about other peoples thoughts. You can become very sick... I believe that you can't ever just be thinking nothing. 'There's something to see everywhere you look.'
A well crafted, provocative poem that's certainly got me thinking! S :)
Wow Benjamin this is really something. It is real poetry. Doesn't it feel different than other things we may read or write? I'm awestruck.(smile)