' I Still Love You! ! '

“I Still Love You! ! ! ”
I still love you
I know you’ll be way better without me
But, you will always be my boo
I know I said, ”I hope she’ll be better than me.”
But, I’m always gone be down for you no matter what
We’ve had some terrible ups and downs
But, now this our final cut
Hopefully you and you next girlfriend don’t have any ups and downs
I wish you two the very best even though it hurt’s
You don’t know how deep my feelings are for you
That’s what hurts
I can’t help but think about you two
I don’t but have to get over you
And it’s best that I stay single until I’ve focused on my goals
I still love you
I wish you could feel the pain I have for not being with you
You probably was cheating on me but, you made me feel like I was actually worth something
I hope you still love me, too
I still love you! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

by Latedra Ellis

Comments (3)

You're experiencing subjective reality. Although it makes a great poem you should not worry about other peoples thoughts. You can become very sick... I believe that you can't ever just be thinking nothing. 'There's something to see everywhere you look.'
A well crafted, provocative poem that's certainly got me thinking! S :)
Wow Benjamin this is really something. It is real poetry. Doesn't it feel different than other things we may read or write? I'm awestruck.(smile)