(some time ago / Earth, i believe)

Bri, Foiled [ ‘obstructed' ] Again! ! ! … [ My Mate Cares Too Much; True; Personal; Lack Of P H Time; June's ‘ Female Showcase'; July Is Reserved For Male Poets]

‘Dear' poets, Male and Female and ‘In-Between',
The monitor-of-PC (by me) is still quite clearly seen,
But, alas, my mate sees fit to keep me from it ….a lot,
Because my eye(s) bother(s) me & there're just 2 I've got!

But 'two' IS …….one more than had the Old Giant Cyclops,
Who, I've been told, hiked here and there in old flip flops!
If he could live a productive life with just ……ONE big EYE,
Why can't Bri's life go on normally? Why, … oh whyyyyyyy? !

In any case, this poem is to let some on PoemHunter know …
That you may not hear so much from me, or it will be slow …
In coming. It's not that I don't WANT to communicate. I DO,
Especially with the girls; that's YOU, not YOU, but MAYBE You.

Which reminds me. Most of the ‘girls' have been informed ….
That June's showcase of poems will be, with females, swarmed.
Yes, you guys who've not yet heard the exciting 'Bri-news note', …..
June's showcase will exclude ‘guys'. MY decision; YOU get NO vote!

(May 18th, 2017)

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I absolutely support your feminine-like decision that your June's showcase will exclude ‘guys'. They deserved it! I feel satisfaction!
A poker player you will never make On the chessboard it'll be a checkmate For when the queen controls the king You'll be like a bull in the ring Or a puppet dancing on a string Seems like I missed the point For all to disappoint but my pen went astray Would not write what I say But it did make my day Oh! It.'s all 'bout your eyes All blurry just like mine There's nothing for to fret It's not a serious threat With rest you'll soon be set
‘Dear' poets, Male and Female and ‘In-Between', I am not aware of any inberween at PH, perhaps Bri him'her. But the poem has a lot to be enjoyed.
Wonderful....! Enjoyed it! So you are proficient in Greek mythology too! But this compartmentalization is not in keeping with our times when all clamour (clamor) for gender equality....! My humble opinion! However you are not discriminating...! Both the groups will be getting equal chances!