"Bri, Pulling Your Leg"...[ Blessings; Short; Marriage; Bri Edwards' Life So Far; Inspired By Poet Kingsley Egbukole ]

Poem By Bri Edwards

Blessed I am.I know not by Whom...
or What.But ever since from the womb...
I came, I've led a rather contented life.
Of course there HAS been a bit of strife.

That's if you count some sibling fighting,
or wormy candy into which I was biting.
or a poor grade my English teacher gave,
or my first 3 marriages I could not save.

Now I'm blessed with my wife number four.
Once a week she kicks me out the door...,
but she let's me back in [if I grovel and beg].
Don't you go thinking I'm 'pulling your leg'. **




- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

** an idiom
pull (one's) leg:

"To tease or joke with someone, often by trying to convince them of something untrue."


Comments about "Bri, Pulling Your Leg"...[ Blessings; Short; Marriage; Bri Edwards' Life So Far; Inspired By Poet Kingsley Egbukole ]

Bri, as far I understand, is a master at pulling legs. But he is a ' nice' guy, helpful and compassionate. Except for his records of previous broken marriages, he is a happy go lucky man without any guile. He happens to be one of my close friends on PH who has something every time to make others smile! A poem of his usual stuff!
I know when my leg is being pulled! ! ! ! It is so painfully clear. I am standing there minding my own business and this joker comes along and sweeps my leg out from under me with a lot of laughter and glee. So far Bri holds the record in leg pulling but Comeuppance is on the way- -loved Kim's comment by the way
You are blessed with your wife number four; she puts up with your guff and your snore. Now, just don’t make her grieve, or you’d better believe she will show you at once to the door!
Yes, you are blessed as you are counting your blessings.This is essential for a contented life.
Having good friends is a blessing. As long as your wife doesn't think that you are pulling her leg....rest is immeterial.

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