(some time ago / Earth, i believe)

Bri's Before And Now.. [personal; Short; Child To Adult; Response To Poem By Valsa George]

As a boy I was happy and spoiled;
my Mom washed all the clothes I soiled.
Perhaps I did not KNOW I was happy,
BUT I think I rarely ever felt crappy.

I could play games with my friend.
It's too bad childhood has to end.
Then it's bills and chores for sure;
for growing up, there's no real cure.

And NOT all grownups are successful,
as life can be HARSH, and STRESSFUL.
But I've been lucky, I must say, and....
at night sleep comes when I....hit the hay.

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Sleep comes when I hit the hay. Can't get better than that.
Thank you Bri..... I am happy that my poem Before and Now turned out to be the inspiration for writing this lovely poem..... You are able' to sleep as soon as you hit the hay' because you are still a kid.... excessively fond of ice creams and sweetmeats! Or is it because you have entered 'second childhood'..... I wonder?
Playing game with friends and memorising successful days really make this poem special to read. Wonderful poem shared.
Now old boy your youth is waning time for you to do some insaning make sure to get your morning paper in your boxers or don't even drape her and for the noontime mail that comes go and get it in bare buns