(some time ago / Earth, i believe)

Bri's Evolutionary Tree...[ Inspired By The Inspirational English Poet, Stuart Munro; Thanks, Stu ]

I had no great great grandad;
it sometimes makes me so mad.
But if I'd had such a gr-gr-gr-dad,
I'm sure he'd have been v'y, v'y bad,
and THAT would have made me v'y sad.

No great anything that far back I'm afraid;
from a bit o' mud my 'Mom' was made,
and 'Dad', ...well no one quite is sure,
but 'tis said he was coated with fur.


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Just spotted this Bri, , , My eyeballs can’t flit around poemhunter so quick these days, , I’m surprised I inspired you, , , but I’m pleased to find your actually human, your slightly English, a milligram I expect, , , your recollection of your mother is a bit muddy, , , , , and your memory of your father doesn’t seem hang around fur long, , your DNA do not apply, , , , , , Stuart inspirational Munro
'.... he was coated with fur'....! So you are the direct descendant of an ape.....................! ! Interesting! !
An interesting right that if true would make your gr gr gr parents the missing link all the boffins have been searching for? And as for your father who i think never felt the cold being a furry sort of chap probably met and married your mother because he thought she was trod upon once to much! A lovey love story where he fell in her and the rest is hysterical BRI.
Ah XY XX and exit and existence well you might ask why Grrr. My Great grand dad drove a steam engine how cool is that Not very I hear you reply Ah well ancestors mine too fur covered or not a famous fave there I think.
We all are made of mud! Look hard I am sure you could find lots of great things about your gr gr gr gr gr Dad or Mom. They passed on to you the love of poetry and pizza! Not to mention the ice cream!
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