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Bri's Family History..... In Brief........['Brief' As In 'short', Not Underwear! ; Humor; Family Tree; Medium Short; Personal]

My father had an ancestor in France....
who did clean-up after each beheading.
One gal's neck was too tough, and she lived.
Not long after was his and her wedding.

Fast forward several hundred years,
and my dad, Robert, was conceived;
when his parents moved from Toronto,
the Canadian government.....was relieved.

I believe dad's dad helped build Eastman Theater,
then to the New York Finger Lakes they moved.
Granddad died, I was told, due to a metal splinter,
though, from his finger, it was removed.

It was near Cayuga Lake, at a church picnic,
my dad impressed my future mom.
They were married in 1937 I think,
though, at times, their marriage.....was a bomb.

Mom was in HER mom's belly,
when Gladys' dad moved East from Iowa.
A real McCoy she was, with Irish temper,
but to her a lot I owe..duh!

So that's my family story, briefly stated.
I hope your interest, Karl, has been sated.
If I told the complete truth, your pride might be grated.
Suffice to say, without details, that my family tree I've underrated.

(May 31,2014)

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This poem rated very well with all Canadians I am told. The French of course denied that they had anyone clean up after the beheadings out of fear that Bri would demand his great-great-grandfather's pension. The Hatfields of the United States wish to remind the kin of a real McCoy that they still have a few fighting words they'd like to share. Oh and Karl says 'he's far from sated'. Fun poem. Thanks for sharing.
So you have an interesting lineage.... taking your roots from the French..... Somehow you are neither French nor American.... This is what all your research ultimately proved....! Your parents marriage...' at times proved a bomb.'...! No pretensions...! So candid with no intention to hide... Enjoyed this humorous write!
i was born like my father's dad and will die like my grandfather surfing at Hawaii the story more shorter than Bri! s a genealogy veils in biology.... hahahaha nice reading Bri... as usual funny and light
My funny teacher, an interesting poem is it.
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