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Bri's "Pet Peeves" ….. [aka "My ‘particular Personal Vexations' "; Yes, Personal; Serious! (Maybe Not Totally): Short]

My dictionary calls one a "particular personal vexation".
It's something from which I'd enjoy a ………permanent vacation.
It's an act or condition which, though ‘small', does bother ME, ……
like not putting down the toilet seat …after you pee;

like wiping YOUR nose on M Y sleeve, when you've a sleeve of your own;
like serving "boneless" chicken to me, in which I find a bone;
like not licking a fork clean of mustard or, worse yet, ….
of butter,
and THEN tossing in MY sink. THAT does make my heart flutter ………………………………………………………
……….in exasperation!

It's like telling me I said one thing, when I said another.
[Well, T H A T one may be "BIG", not small; let's ask my mother.
Ok, my mom ain't around anymore, so you can ask me.
If I said "Yes" and you heard "No", that is B I G. You agree?

Well those are my pet peeves from "off the top of my head".
And they'll most likely be my pet peeves …until the time I am dead.

(October 1, 2015)

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I'm a pretty well tempered person. I never got my dads short fuse so I stay calm an easy going about almost everything.... But something about people using the microwave and not closing the door shut afterwards turns my eyes red in anger..... Pet peeves can be the weirdest and most unrelated things... Typically they are comical in their own right, but you've enhanced it with rhyme and extra humor. Well done
People find some things annoying and it is not easy to circumvent the problem.
It seems that you enjoy such minor aberrations and you don't intend to change them! If so, how can you call them a vexation! :)
I'm sure that just about everybody has at least one pet peeve. Some may not be totally aware of it and some may have a litany that constantly drive them nuts. One of mine is not putting a period at the end of a sentence : -)
Are you sure you aren't Britney Edwards?