Brian (1976-1994)

Poem By Weather-bee (Alma Ann Williams)

Where are you? Love divine
I look and look, I can not find
You were, you are, one of a kind.
Eyes of blue, teeth of pearl - a straight line.

There you are! I have you
so near; yet out of reach
So young, so strong, so true
A propelled force; waves on the beach.
Wonderful! The gaze on sky blue.

I search; far and near
Room to room; he can't be far
Come to me my love, never fear
Make you stay; Never so close to the bar.

Come to me, my love, hold my hand.
Take me to your never, never land
On the clouds. Oh! I ran
To get a glimpse, as fast as I can.

"Tis Heaven, this land everything;
beautiful and grand
One day to see such wonderful wealth
Up the ladder of life; down the slope of death.

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Sweet Pete

The game of life, I can no longer play
I dug my ditches, plowed my row
I must go, I cannot stay
To reap, God says, if I sow.

Heaven Bound

Up, up and away, I go
strapped in my seat - thru a cloud of foam.
Leaving behind, my worry and woe.
I'm going home.