Brickhouse Grill

Eat your fill at the Brickhouse Grill
Sizzling steaks, charbroiled chicken
Bar-b-cue shrimp, finger licking
Charbroiled burgers the Brickhouse way
Prime rib dinner, soup of the day
Caeser Salad, fresh and crunchy
The Dinner Salad, tossed and munchy
Baked potato, sweet potato
Onion rings, fresh sliced tomato
Brickhouse cheesecake, Kiddy's meals
Snickers pie, what a deal
Soup and sandwich homemade style
Professional service with a smile
Our famous chef is on a roll
Insists strictly on quality control
Full stocked bar, beer and wine
Delightful cocktails, tasty fine
The Brickhouse Grill has so much more
Ask your hostess at the door
Your owners, Mike and Kelly Loy
Graciously invite you and your
Family and friends for lunch and dinner
Brickhouse Grill, you're a winner

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