We invite conflict.
As if enjoying,
The igniting to incite it.
Producing our own infighting.

And nothing seems to stop us.
From a decay to begin.
That prevents a stubbornness.
To follow and choose,
Those paths just to have our way.
Proving nothing more,
Than a delaying a progress...
Negative energy can never create.

We can stop this to be stopped.
A doing of those things,
To ourselves to drop.
With it done to know it dumb.
We can stop this if we choose.
Instead of blaming others,
For our own stupid reasons to self abuse.

Time and again,
Our thoughtless excuses...
Have us to reach dead-ends.
And not to return to have learned anything.
But a commitment to hit our heads against,
Cemented bricks.
As if this addicts.

No one quits.
The hitting of their heads.
Against cemented bricks.
The dumbness numbs and gets addicting.
As if this process,
Provides a benefit.

You and me with others too!
Repeatedly do without a listening to choose.
Conflict over thinking.
Or thoughts to use to refuse stubbornness.
You and me with others too!
Seem to want those bricks to hit.
Done to prove to ourselves we know best.
How to approach those dead-ends we meet.
With a convincing we can make dents,
To loosen fixed bricks from their cement.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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