2016 Class Reunion Poem

Michelle, our fearless leader
And an ardent fan of Justin Beiber
Trumpeted a need for a meeting
For the time remaining was fleeting

We needed to plan for our class alumni
To come together and jam to Air Supply,
Blondie, Van Halen, Waylon, and Willie
Also, to eat, drink, laugh, and be silly

So Dwayne, Chuck, Denise, Sherri,
And Michelle met to make it legendary
After many beverages at The Chateau
We found we still needed a place to go

Denise posed the Conservation Club
Where we could grill our grub,
And do something fun like corn hole
This fit into the class bankroll

Our conversations did often roam
Who left town and who stayed at home
Yarns about aches, pains, and bad knees
Yes, even of our colonoscopies

Sherri took on the reunion book
And Ryan designed our t-shirt look
The guys agreed to do the burger burn
But if you want, you can have a turn

Though not involving blood, sweat, & tears
The result did take a few cold beers
Our goal was to give to each classmate
Something special; something to celebrate

For some of us, life has been a real slugfest
But we believe our group is truly blessed
So here's to you, Class of 1981
Have a good time and lots of fun

by Charles Hancock

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