Fight Back, “the Land Of The Rising Sun”

A combined attack of a major earthquake and tsunami – for any other country it would have been a major blow
But the country in question is Japan, which is known for not letting any disaster make its morale low.

“The Land Of The Rising Sun”, Japan managed to stand up from the shambles of Hiroshima bombing
It is a strong-willed nation, for which fighting back a disaster with grit is not a new thing.

History bears the proof of the determination and courage that the Japanese community personifies
And there is hardly any doubt that the great country will overcome the present disaster with aplomb and ease.

The entire world’s sympathy, love and wishes are with you - our beloved Japanese friends, brothers and sisters
Fight back with your natural courage, by displaying for the umpteenth time the indomitable spirit of the Japanese mass.

Your ancestors faced Hiroshima bombing, and constructed a new Japan from the rubble of that devastation
Repeat that valour of your ancestors, and prove once again the resilience and buoyancy of your great nation.

(I wrote this poem on 14th March 2011 following the devastating Tsunami and earthquake in Japan that shook the world) .

by Raja Basu

Comments (5)

its a comparison between natural things and man-made things. i enjoy and appreciate the poem very much!
Beautiful poem full of tenderness. Touches the heart with its delicacy.
A beautiful poem about lost love and lost opportunities. Two sayings come to mind: He who hesitates is lost. You snooze, you lose. Finally, PH has chosen a poem worthy of being poem of the day.
Immensely regretful and sad, opportunities missed that will never reappear
The poem is really touching. It tells you the way love may waste one or two souls who cannot find love. You feel it.