Brief History

Words were spoken truly more etched than in stone
More precious and beautiful as a gift to mankind alone.
He lived the word as a sacrificial act
The ultimate giver of life to become a truthful fact.

God first gave the words placed on tablets of clay
They soon forgot to practice what He did say.
Then He took them out of slavery into another land
In time the green roots of life came out of the sand.

Then He sent them a savior which ended in a loss
The God who helped them three times, ended up on a cross.
How many ways has He helped us we cannot count the time
Starting with the gift of life; one of those special days, called as mine.

Not to just acquire and go along or just give in
For at time this may be more damaging than even the sin.
If I am a good person who does not intently injure another
Then I have every right to know and exchange the word brother.

Thusly for you that should be called my sister and even more
Only you have been entrusted with the imbilical cord; as a key to open our door.

04-05-06 Aho Speaks.

by AHO Speaks

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