Brief Tsunami Hymn-Elegy

Travellers round
the history
Touch the dandelion
with your left finger
And convey the seed
Onto the putrid palm
Lancets hang on the palm
Glisten in exuberating air
Abandonned smeary fatigue
in rational hills
To attain Bothar divine
Be it alas by aid
Of inebriation
Lubricate joints
Smoothen surfaces
Extend in complete
Solar radiance

Earth lifted sea
til see came
to conquer new land
blue, green
drives surfs
now mixed with earth
plays not beach volleyball
wormy taste of water pierced our teeth
all woods, carpets, markets, hoods float
in despair

in mud humans
equal crates
liquid earth

oozes forth with
blighting purr along
bothars, cathairs and baile mors
and baile beags
plants will not root
in this fluent earth
surf through
patches of
spread with blankets,
foils, red, black, grey
ice cools the heaps

by Michael Witkowski

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