Bright As Lip Gloss

I have an announcement.
Three of you
Had the audacity to pass the math test.
And I made it perfectly clear
We would not have that kind of nonconformity
At the Bright As Lip Gloss Academy
Of Social Endeavors and Makeup Application!
Since I will not expose those three...
For bringing 'this' kind of attention upon themselves,
I will, however, be placing calls to those parents.
To inform them of their conduct!
We will not have that kind of separatism here!
Is that clear?
And furthermore...
None of this is to leak to the other children!
We don't want anyone toting guns,
Hunting down those who have not chosen to fail!
Class dismissed!

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

Comments (1)

Wow, I wonder what made you think up this one? ? The saying that pops into my mind is 'No one is as dumb as all of us! ', which in school... they're only as fast as their slowest kid. And conformity... I blame Britney Spears. It might be a harsh way to put it though, I like yours better. Happy day! Lee