A Prayer

My God (oh, let me call Thee mine,
Weak, wretched sinner though I be),
My trembling soul would fain be Thine;
My feeble faith still clings to Thee.

Not only for the Past I grieve,
The Future fills me with dismay;
Unless Thou hasten to relieve,
Thy suppliant is a castaway.

I cannot say my faith is strong,
I dare not hope my love is great;
But strength and love to Thee belong;
Oh, do not leave me desolate!

I know I owe my all to Thee;
Oh, TAKE the heart I cannot give!
Do Thou my strength--my Saviour be,
And MAKE me to Thy glory live.

by Anne Brontë

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Great idea! Noble thinking! Learning to live with the realities of life will lead one to be happy and successful! r
Sweet Seema Ch. I earnestly thank you for liking the poem 'Fall of Dhaka', it was the tragedy that was cause by recklessness of our politicians; sometime for the sake of powers we damage the motherland; had I been electd the prime minister of the country, I would compensate the political blunder by asking the Bengla Deshian to form their own government and so rejoin ourselves. what a pleasure it would be! Iam an educationist I think why should not you be intrduced in the reading courses of the students. I also suggest you to visist www.voicesnet.com and take part in the international poetry competitions. I am one of the judges of International Poetry Comptitions, latter on I shall recommend your name for Poet in Residence at the same site; it will be my pleasure to see you there. In fututre I might visit U.S.A. for some literary organizations wants to extend their honours. I think you will not mind it all, we are poets we have to work for peace of the world through the shielf of the potery, all is not yet dark, I want to etablish intellectual firm frienship with you and think you will not despise at all. to me poetry is, .” Poetry, as I experienced, is an expression of heart piercing thoughts combined with emotions flowing from the Greater Mind to the Receptive Mind when both function at a certain indescribable fleeting frequency. The Receptive Mind works wonders performing the task of centuries during these ephemeral moments revealing the curtained truths of the time and place in which Man exists.” comment Shanazar