Bright Red Scream

Have you ever been so numb
You literally didn't have the
ability to feel?
Complete nothingness
The only way to make sure that
you’re not dead is to cut
That bright red scream
that oozes out of your soul
onto the floor
Like an addiction
You keep wanting more
Until you have tracks
Running up your arm
Just giving you the motivation
to start on your other arm
Like it's a brand new sheet of paper
Like a clean slate
The first cut is always the most painful
But the pain gets less and less
You keep cutting just to see if you can still feel
But when you can't
You just cut deeper and deeper
Until your bright red scream
Becomes your bright red nightmare
Only to realize that your screams go unheard
And all you are left with
Are just scars

by Danielle Huffman

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powerful poem. good job.