' Bright Shining Star'

Star, star, you shine so bright
Lighting even my darkest night…

You make me smile
If only for a little while…

You remind me of the presence
Of my Lord most high,
As you shine so proudly in the sky…

I love a star lit night so true
It causes my emotions
To drift away
It makes me feel less blue…

When I am down and feel so out of place
Gazing upon your beauty causes a smile
To return to my face…

May I make a make believe wish upon you tonight
And can you tell me if my future will be bright

Stars, stars forever shine
For you are all favorites of mine
© Copyright 2000 Becky LaPrarie

by Becky LaPrarie

Comments (1)

Dear Becky Star! Star! you shine so bright! My sentiments completely to this poem. Thankyou...Enjoyed this very much. Love Duncan