well losing is a lost
life is a gift
friends are people
family is everything
pain is hurt
dreams are wishes
tears are water
love is pain
I can't see how bad it hurts
the tears I cry are trying to wash away all the pain
I hurt for everyone
while no one hurts for me
my energy is drained
what did I do
my tearstand face
it all hurts to watch
now I know it hurts
and all my dreams are lost

by charity howard

Comments (2)

I nice little float back in the past, well written by a good poet, as a man i think of it as the one i missed out on, but herbert that's just me, then again she could have been special.herbert you have a great ability of making the moment last thank you regard's AJS
Sweet, it reminds me of one of my favourite little things. 'The Look' by Sarah Teasdale