Brilliance, Passio, Doubt And Terror

Brilliance, passion, doubt and terror
are what made Michelangelo divine,
yet he concealed his every error
by hiding drafts of each design,
instructing that his drawings all
be burned in bonfires, so that visitors
could never see behind the wall
that he’d constructed. Grand Inquisitors
were not as secretive as he
when burning Jews upon the stake,
preventing spirits that were free
from making an alleged mistake.
Some drawing have survived, like Jews
who also were not burned alive,
despite the effort to abuse
free spirit, which will always thrive
despite attempts made to suppress
the evidence their visions’ glitches,
which though imperfect should impress
all men who scratch creative itches.


by gershon hepner

Comments (2)

A lovely poem! Yes, it happens like this in the society! One has to reconcile!
Gripping parallel between destruction of art and destruction of people. Seriously 'wow'. Gina.