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Bring It To Me
FK (28 August / St. Thomas University Hospital)

Bring It To Me

They are all solid stanzas
but today I pick this one out.
[Very Happy]

I like how the mind twists with the first line -
for a 'void' technically, is an empty space
and yet this verse asserts its 'unempty' quality.

Sometimes writing like that is a stunt,
almost a cheap attempt at profundity.
But here, in the context of this poem -

each succeeding line supports why
that void may seem empty to the naked eye
[so to speak]

but is actually filled.... and vice versa....
it is filled but still empty....
I guess this is how we sometimes use the word 'ghost'

an almost haunting memory or presence;
of molecules and atoms too far removed from each other
to make a tangible morphing of anything recognisable to fill a void.

any further in this rambling will turn into babble and confusion.... hahaha
so I leave this here with those thoughts


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Wonderful! A refreshing style - i'll be back to read more of your work soon, Danni.