Bring Me Back To Daylight

Bring me back to daylight
I'm so lost here in the dark,
Tell me that it's alright,
and forgive unwise remarks.

The darkness never ends here,
down at the oceans floor
Please take away my senseless fear,
and calm my pounding heart

Bring me back to daylight,
I'm so alone here in this place.
tell me that it's alright,
I need your warm hands on my face.

The darkness is so comeplete here
on the dark side of the moon.
Take away this endless night,
I need to see you soon.

Bring me back to daylight
there's no sun here to be found.
I no longer have my sight,
since you put me in frozen ground.

It's lonely in my silent grave,
there's nothing here to do,
I'll keep waiting in my cold tomb,
until I'm returned to you.

I wonder if you've forgotten
or if you ever realized
The fire of love that you kindled
when you gazed into my eyes.

I wish you'ld bring me back to daylight
if only for a little while
I'd like to warm my frozen limbs
With the beauty of your sweet smile.

You cannot know how much I miss you
yet I wish you all the best
And I'll dream of you forever,
in my cold eternal rest.

Its funny that I miss you
I can barely remember you're face
but I can remember your sad sad smile
when you put me in this earthy place

There's a ship in sight but it cant save me
from the horrors of each day
so I'll stay on this icey raft
hoping memory goes away

by Wilfred Owen Bitner

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