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Bring Me Flowers

Bring me flowers when I am living
Don't bring me them when I am dead,
Let me enjoy them in the giving
My mother always had said.
Let me hold them in my hands
And smell their fragrant scent,
Then I will reminisce of different lands
Before; I am heaven sent.
I will reflect back when I was young
Or, I might think back not long ago,
When I walked underneath the sun
Or, when I felt the wind as it blowed.

Bring me flowers when I am here
Please don't wait until I am gone,
So, I might reflect to a different year
And my memories will last on.
I might reflect to a different time
With every breadth and scent I breath,
And knowing the flowers are mine
Shows how much that you love me.
Let me enjoy the flowers again
Let me feel them on my fingers,
Because I just don't know when;
And how long my memory will linger.

Bring me flowers with a smile
Please don't bring them with any sorrow,
And I will hold them just like a child
As I held you, and held on until tomorrow.
I want to see them once again
As I place them on my table,
And then they will be my friend
And I will greet them while I am able.
They will be a part of me
My mother always had said
So, bring them now to me please
And don't wait until I am dead.

Randy L. McClave

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At last! Several years ago, found this poem in the newspaper and cut it out...put it under glass on top of my bureau......relating this lovely thought, flowers now, wonderful! So informed family of this sweet, sweet thought..flowers to enjoy now...life has been a loving bouquet of flowers from all my sons...I am now up in years, and have sincerely enjoyed this poem...it has been a source of many smiles, tears, and love expressed to me while I am still here...thank you, Randy Mcclave
Deep passionate feelings nicely penned with clarity of thought and mind. Beautiful rendition from the heart. Thanks for sharing, Randy.
Beautiful! ! ! And so true! ! !
Insightful.. So deep and touching...
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