Bring On The New Year

Bring on the new year,
With its unpredictable ways;
Something new to wear,
In the coming upholding days.
Moments to wish and long,
While they are still faraway;
Winter is now in its song,
Soon there'll come a new day.

Fly with my thoughts high,
Up, up through clouds drifting;
Don't ask for reasons or why,
Every new tides always shifting.
Happiness comes from it all,
When there are variations in life;
Winter, spring, summer and fall,
All with excitement to arrive.

Bring on the new year,
So tender in experienced age;
You haven't been anywhere,
Live up to and things weigh.
Soon spring will come again,
The rising of days in the sun;
Bring down the dark and strain,
So much future shall become fun.

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