(13th October 1961 / Accra, GHANA)

Bring Out The Dead Bodies

Bring out the dead bodies,
Bring out the dead bodies! !
With double-shovels tired up to horses to dig up thier graves.

Illegal lust!
With hatred and war;
But, today, it is very hard to belive in the rate of the curses from our sins;
On this earth.
Illegal lust,
With the curses of mankind!
On this earth;
As many are dying from their very negative acts on this earth without cure.

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With the recorded history of mankind on this earth;
However, we don't have enough graves to bury the dead.
The muse of life on this earth,
It is time for us to address this issue;
And, very pragmatically!
However, the perpetrators on this earth today are destroying the world with hatred and war,
And, we don't have enough graves to bury the dead.

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