BR (3-20-76 / North Dakota (USA))

Bring Out Your Dead

Bring out your Dead! !
He yells, and they walk out carring it, the box.
The box that holds his whole world, the memories he can't share with her again.
The moments that will never be, or the time that they will never spend. Together.

Bring out your Dead!
He yells, and the others help him carry the life in the box.
The one that will never beat full of life, and laughs, and love.

Later that night they gather around him and help him forget.
With drunken stories, drunken promises, and hopeless wishes for his future.

Bring out your Dead!
He yells, and he puts it behind him, with one look back.
His only wish that he too, could be in that box.
Then walks away.

Bring out your Dead!
He yells, to Me. And I do.
I walk out carrying with me my own box of memories and wishes.
Of my life, and of my love.

This is what happens when you suffer a broken heart.
And Its all you can do when he yells.
Bring out your Dead!


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Comments (3)

hmmm. I didn't particulary like this one at first but it really grew on me. You've created a good image in this, rather than describing the deceased you refer to is as your world emphasising the grief you feel. I also liked the image of putting your memories and experiences with the dead in the box. Alas, if only we could...
'Bring out your Dead! He yells, to Me. And I do.' Beautiful work.
Terrific poem on a subject none of us want to think about... 10... Colin J...