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Bring Your Love

The week is ending
and its getting late
I just want to see you
but I know that I can't

I want to sit beside you
and hold you in my arms
But its hard to do
given where you are

Your always calling
and asking how I feel
wanting to know
if my love is real

You need to hear it
this much I know
but I need to see you
I cant do that on the phone

Lunch on Sandia
tattoos in Dallas
Long walks in Vegas
from the Strip to the Palace

Candlelit dinners
and movies in the room
strolling in the park
like new lovers do

These Memories
are getting harder to make
with you living and working
in some other place

I Miss you so much
wish you would come home
so I don’t have to love you
through this cell phone

I want to feel your head
on my shoulder when I sleep
stay till morning
and wake me from this dream

Oh Baby Please
Will you bring your love to me

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