Bringing Smiles

There are good days
and there are really good days
when you do something unexpected
that brings a smile to everyone around.
Now just imagine yourself
doing it twice in one day
and all the joy you bring to others
with your small harmless pranks.

While away this weekend
I was able to bring smiles to everyone
I knew and quite a few I did not.
No one had a bad time
as laughter just filled the air
from men and women alike.
It made me feel good
to bring some joy to the world
and I hope people will treasure
those happy memories for a gloomy day

24 May 2015

by David Harris

Comments (1)

Often the smallest of kindness brings about the broadest if smiles. I will try today, to follow your lead. Selfishly looking to add a thimble of joy to a stranger's sack. PEACE m