AD ( / Kettlethorpe, Wakefield, West Yorkshire)

British Nuclear Testing

Valiant Bombers jetted into the skies,
down on the island, buzzing with flies.
Crouched on the beach, without protection,
servicemen without a means of detection.

Huddled in the sand, they covered their eyes,
as the roar of the engines, drowned the buzzings of flies,
Then, turning as ordered, they took in the sight,
a clear demonstration of ultimate might.

Clouds belched from the sea, in a mushroom of colour,
with black smoke, at its base, where the sea became duller.
The sand began moving, beneath trembling feet,
torsos were tortured, and singed by the heat.

Then the clouds formed a halo, that came billowing out,
and the serviceman realized they had reason to doubt.
The full consequences, were clearer that day,
meddle in nature, and a price you will pay!

Today, gone is the Empire, that created such might,
obsolete are the Valiants, that we painted white.
Now, it is possible, mankind can be destroyed,
Yet no-one enquired, where the troops were deployed!

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