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Broadband Break

I am exhausted and I am tired
My minutes have all expired,
My fingers are sore and my eyes are worn
As social media has become my norm.
I have no true human interaction
So, please forgive my social media subtraction,
I don't have the strength to hold a conversation
I need an escape, a vacation.
On several media sites I have been posting
Many blogs and media parties I've been hosting,
I have been replying to pictures and also tweets
While walking and driving down the streets.
While surfing upon the internet
Many new causes and people I have joined and met,
But, I slipped away from my life and reality
To me it seemed as a life changing fatality.
I love my family and friends one and all
But, this addiction is worse than drugs or alcohol,
I have set the internet ablaze
I am now signing off, but I will be back in 2 or 3 business days.

Randy L. McClave

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