(04 October 1943 / Germany)

Broccoli - Not Blueberries

Why Blueberry, I ask you now
I have now come to lean to green
what has been shown, I'll tell you how
but no, it ain't the lowly bean.
It's broccoli, her majesty
a garden's pride, raison d'être
so let's not have a travesty
for horticulture's noble maître
is what the Gods meant when they made
this lovely plant all green throughout
and every single grassy blade
is envious, even the Kraut
called cabbage by the vegetarians
knows very well that broccoli
turns spinsters into centenarians.
Now broccoli sits high and dry
it likes its soil to be sweet loam
and rain is needed once a week
I think that every home, sweet home
even the shacks that look so bleak
would be enriched by this green queen
so do consider what I say
Don't get me wrong, I do not mean
to be conniving, even sway
your culinary tastes today.
But, try this, as they say, you might
like it, one just never knows
go to the garden at first light
spray the plants with your green hose
just to scare the little bugs
off your prized and precious friend
go inside where coffee mugs
wait for you with Maxwell Blend
take a bite, courageous, huge
of the broccoli with glee
as you chew, a small deluge
of saliva will flow free
grab her then and kiss her well
let the broccoli disperse
from experience I tell
that your soul will soon immerse
into loving shades of green
and you will forget the berries
and their purple bluish sheen
all the Toms and Dicks and Harrys
will testify, but if you choose
I will visit you in Spring
to chase away the blasted blues
and then we'll do the all-green thing.

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Go Green! Go Green! ..Lovely poem, Herbert. Enjoyed it. Well written. Thank you.