Broke -I- Tis

My friend, she came around
And said,
She had arthritis
My brother said he wasn't well
He suffers from bronchitis.

My aunt,
She said she was stiff
And was in pain from bursitis
My cousin said it wasn't fair
Her nerves had tendonitis.

Well, I had never experienced
Anything my friend
Or relatives had
I kind'a laughed to myself
I was really sort of glad.

Arthritis and bronchitis
Bursitis and Tendonitis
These things were strange to me
I guess I wasn't satisfied
O why, why couldn't I have let it be.

If you noticed
No one asked
So I took it upon myself
To announce to all my kinfolks
Just how good I thought I felt.

They all turned
And looked at me
In deep sincerity and in awe
And eagerly to my own surprise
I blurted this out without a flaw.

Don't feel so bad my kindred
I guess Dis-Ease
Got all of us
I suffer daily just like you
From a new Dis-Ease
Its simply called Broke-I-Tis.
(Tis I Broke)

by Cecelia Weir

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