Future's dim
Hard to see
If you wont be around
to see it through with me

I can't express
How sorry I am
I know you now think
that this whole thing is a sham

You say once is mistake
twice is a problem
I say I know I messed up again
But I'm only human, don't have divine intervention

So I tried to stay
Tried to fight
For what I believe in
For what I still believe is so right

I've cried everyday
The pain is intense
because not being with you
Is so immense

I want to be with you
For better or worse
As I will always love you
Til I'm carried off in a hearse

Without you
I am just broken.

Copyright Kelster April 2006©

by Kelster 333

Comments (2)

nicely done. good emotional expression.
Well expressed, pain, sorrow and love all in one. Patricia Gale