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Found You And Only You...
(November 25,1988 / Pensacola)

Found You And Only You...

Poem By Innocent Angel

I’ve never seen a shattered heart,
That writhes in pain and anguish;
Torn at the seams and ripped apart:
Never again the same.

But no matter how much it hurts me,
I am happy to know,
I had but a moment to love and be with you,
Rather than an eternity alone.

So do this one thing I request,
Promise me you will mend your heart,
And never forget, that all my love:
Which you hold in your hands, shall never depart.

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Comments (4)

BEautiful great write
I loved this poem.It looks a real expression of feelings. i think that this is what poetry all about. I hope you read mine and give me your opinion.
Makes me cry...I've...ahh long story. great poem you should write a book of poems and get it published. everyone would love them.
love this one. sarah