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AOD (May 23,1992 / North Carolina)


Poem By Angel of Darkness

I dont know what to believe
i dont know what to say
everything seems to get worse
with each passing day
my eyes are dried of tears
but, im dieing deep down inside
i dont know if i should stay
or turn and say good-bye
i try to be so prefect,
but im never good enough
maybe im not cut out
for all this love stuff
i try not to think about it
but it wont get off my mind
i act like it doesnt bother me
so behind a fake smile i hide
im trying to pick myself up
but i cant seem to get off the ground
maybe i just wont make it
maybe im not that strong
its kills me to see you acting like every things okay
i can taste the lies on your lips
i can hear them in everything you say
i can look into you eyes
and see into your soul
maybe i should push you away
or should i never let go?
can you smell the pain on my breath
can you see the hurt in my veins?
i should of been in the back of you mind
now we'll never be the same
so when your sitting in bed
all alone and night
think about how one kiss of lust
ruined my whole life

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Comments (3)

wow thtz gud too! oh in like almost the last line you put' and alone and night' it should be 'and alone at night' but other than tht it waz great!
i think you need to add more depth and substance to this.
Nice poem about young love, don't rush it. It will happen for you and when it does it will be worth the wait. Take care. Best Regards, Michael S.