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Your words slice through me
sharp as a knife
my blissful happiness is gone
because of this strife
each day is the same
you break me, then put me back together
i'll go in my room to hide
when i come out, you act like you don't remember
you don't see how hurt i am
even though it's so clear
and no matter how many times i cry
you don't see a single tear
you don't understand how much pain you cause me
you'll never understand my sorrow
you don't know how many times i pray
that it'll be better tomorrow
but it'll never be better
for when i think there's finally peace
it's all torn away
it comes to a cease
i end up broken
just like before
all the suffering i've gone through
i'll go through once more
i wish you'd stop this yelling
it makes me feel like such a failure
you don't realize what you're doing
my life is becoming my nightmare
my memories are haunting me
i'm restless every night
i cannot fall asleep
all i can do is cry
the next day you come up to me
you put me together again
then you say you're sorry
and you think you've been forgiven
but there's something different now
something is not right
for a piece of me is missing
one that's beyond your sight
i feel like all my true happiness is gone
i'm in this deep depression
but nobody will ever know this
for i'm lying and pretending
i'll never show how i really feel
unless you're someone i trust
you'll never see a single tear shed
in public my pain turns to dust
but no matter what i lead you to believe
inside i am crying silently
for i know if things keep going this way
my nightmare will become my reality

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