EB (21/10/87 / )


you always promised me that things wouldn't change
and that youd love me all the same
youd be there for me when i was happy or sad
youd wipe away every tear that i cried
and i believed you
for all those promises were worth i belived youd keep them
every broken promise was another bitter tear
trailing miserably down my pale cheek
sometimes i believed that promises were made to be broken
but hearts, like childhood dreams were not
photographs torn to shreds
left like shattered truths
the ruins of what was onece viewed as a perfect childhood lay stretched out before me
close enough to touch
yet farther then i dared to imagine
the world had turned grey
as if the earth itself had taken note that i too had turned grey
the bubble that was once my perfect exsistence had burst like the rest of them
my life was just one big trembling bubble waiting to be burst
by one of those shattered truths
for it was as a sharp as a shard of the broken mirror
that i stood and stared into
my reflection as ugly and distorted
as my life had come to be

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not quite sure what ur trying to say...wether ur being nice and sympathetic or wether u saying im ignoring every other person in the world whos going through pain...?
For all the pain shown here. There is much more pain. Thats of the people who are going through the situation. They too hurt, they too cry. For all the pain gets passed down. Very seldom does pain come to one person alone.